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Repair, replace, and preserve fueling assets

OWL provides a wide array of services that are designed to maintain overall site compliance, protect profitability, replace and repair critical site components, and provide cost effective solutions for parts and inventory requirements. Our teams work with a high sense of urgency when it comes to assuring high-performance and consistent reliability of fueling and electric charging systems and equipment.

Industry expertise

Our extensive industry expertise spans all phases of the petroleum and electric charging business.

  • Retail
  • Commercial and fleet
  • Aviation and marine
  • Emergency power

Tank cleaning and fuel quality

In accordance with EPA UST regulations, OWL ensures the quality of your fuel. We offer a patented process for restoring fuel quality and remediating phase separation. Decades of experience cleaning thousands of USTs, industry innovation, attention to customer service, and dedication to detail are all reasons why OWL Services is uniquely qualified to discuss your tank cleaning requirements.

  • Tank cleaning/replacement & fuel polishing
  • Patented fuel cleaning technology provider
  • Restore & recondition degraded diesel fuel
  • Phase separation reversal
  • Filter replacement programs

OWL has a deep bench of compliance experts, factory certified technicians, and repair specialists for the most widely used tanks, dispensing equipment, fueling systems, and charging stations.

Vapor recovery testing

OWL trained technicians offer a full range of vapor recovery testing and maintenance services.

  • Stage I and stage II pressure decay (NESHAP requirements)
  • Dynamic back pressure
  • Liquid blockage
  • Pressure/vacuum vent valve
  • Static torque and flow rate testing according to CARB (California Air Resource Board).  

In addition to testing, we also provide liquid removal services and manage the decommissioning of stage II vapor recovery systems with extensive knowledge of balance, vac-assist, Healy, and all vapor recovery systems.

Electrical fueling inspection service

As weights and measures for electrical fueling is currently evolving, OWL’s experience planning, installing, and maintaining electric charging infrastructure and stations since inception is invaluable to our customers. The inherent knowledge of electrical construction and engineering combined with electric charging expertise keeps OWL customers consistently charging. We provide:

  1. Regular charging station pass/fail electrical inspections
  2. Compliance testing for all regulatory requirements
  3. Electrical uptime and performance tracking
  4. Business intelligence charging session reporting
  5. Scheduled preventative maintenance

Focus on an electric charging maintenance and management programs ensures uptime and will maximize customer satisfaction with a consistently high-performing charging experience.

Comprehensive inspection services

OWL has a national team of certified technicians who can perform all regulatory and environmental site and equipment inspections and provide all necessary repair and remediation services.

Automatic tank gauge certification and repair

Inspection and certification of ATG system components and accurate, proper function of leak sensors.

Cathodic protection (CP) testing

Ensure corrosion free underground steel components and compliance with all EPA standards and state and local authorities with full documentation and rectifier verification.

Containment testing and repair

Containment system verification, hydrostatic and vacuum testing, and tank repair including under dispenser containment sumps (UDC), tank sumps, and overfill containment buckets (Spill Buckets).

Tank, line, and leak detector testing

Tank tightness testing using the EZY-3 Locator Plus (non-volumetric underfill test method) certified to test all types of tanks. Line tightness testing using the Petro-Tite method or the Leighton O’Brien PM2 method, both certified to test all types of piping (steel, fiberglass, flex, semi-rigid).

Vapor recovery testing

OWL teams are on-call for vapor recovery inspection, testing, and maintenance as well as liquid removal services and to manage decommissioning of the most widely used vapor systems.

Federal, state and local inspections

OWL teams maintain intimate knowledge of all required federal, state, and local inspections to meet requirements set forth by any regulatory agency. We can also provide asset tagging, in-store, site condition, and routine maintenance inspections.

Arial inspections and site mapping

Unmatched digital photography, video, storage and viewing capabilities for rooftops, canopies, tank fields, parking lots, station egress, and any site areas.

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