safe and secure with OWL

Protect your assets on-site

Keep your facilities safe and secure

Ensure the safety and security of your facilities, whether a single location or multiple sites nationwide. OWL offers comprehensive security solutions that provide peace of mind for your customers, employees, and business.

  • Professional installation and maintenance
  • Scalable solutions and advanced technology to support growth
  • Intrusion alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring
  • Camera and surveillance system installation
  • Integrated analytics and reporting.
  • Access control systems and vendor management

At OWL, we keep your business assets and premises safe starting with strict protocols followed during planning stages and through installation.

In-store and on-site security

The OWL team brings unmatched expertise for planning, installing, and maintaining security programs for retailers. We develop comprehensive security plans that encompass a wide range of hardware and software solutions, including video surveillance, alarms, access controls, and monitoring tools.

Our security programs are designed to keep you informed at all times. Through automated alerts and archival capability, you’ll receive real-time notifications when an intrusion or an incident occurs, along with a complete record of on-premise activities. Rest assured, you’ll have full visibility and control of your security systems.

OWL works with leading surveillance providers

The choice for security and surveillance technology matters when it comes to protecting on-site assets and ensuring the safety of your employees and customers. OWL partners with leading video and security technology providers.

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Protect your data and network infrastructure

OWL technology teams keep your retail sales operations connected and protected with complete network planning and security services. We work with your IT teams to determine all network requirements and can implement all software and hardware to support wired and wireless networks.

We will secure and configure network appliances, firewall and, fraud protection and data intrusion software to keep your systems and data secure, including PCI compliant firewall appliances.

From digital signage to outside equipment to the register, OWL provides complete IT integration services. We possess an in-depth understanding the technology that is best for convenience store retailers and fleet operators with the experience and capabilities to install and maintain highly business dependent network infrastructures.

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