the next generation
of fueling

Transforming petroleum services and EV charging

Integrated solutions for petroleum and electric charging businesses

We see a future with greater demand for more sustainable forms of power, but we also recognize the need to support the expansive US petroleum fueling infrastructure. OWL has a certified team of EV charging, petroleum, and fuel handling experts to keep your business moving forward.

  • EV charging station planning and construction  
  • Petroleum dispensing and c-store planning and construction
  • Compliance management and inspection services
  • AccuMeasure – advanced meter, calculation and calibration
  • Material procurement and project management
  • Managed services
  • Maintenance and emergency response

When power on the road is a key to your business, the team at OWL stands ready to answer the call, whether a full-service convenience store, fleet operations center, EV charging hub, or industrial service provider.

Gas Station Fuel Pump

Advancing fueling operations

We provide all aspects of design, engineering, construction and maintenance service for petroleum operations.

EV Charging Station

Leading the charge for EV

We are transforming fueiling operations with EV charging design, installation and maintenance services.

From the ground up, CG Express Clark is ready for business

Completed by the expert teams now a part of OWL, comprehensive service included design, tank installation, electrical, dispensing equipment and technology systems.

  • Site planning and excavation
  • Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and Split UST
  • UST for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) with DEF dispensers
  • Doublewall UL-142 Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST)
  • Doublewall product piping, containment sumps and vents
  • Retail dispenser for Kerosene/Racing Fuel
  • Veeder-Root tank monitoring system
  • Overfill / overspill protection and manholes
  • Submersible pumps with mechanical leak detectors
  • Diesel and gasoline canopies with LED lights
  • Wayne Ovation pumps, card readers and PCI compliant key pads

Fuel your business with OWL

Learn more about how OWL can help you transform your fueling operations with petroleum and electric charging solutions.

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