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The OWL teams possess a unique command of civil, mechanical, and electric engineering for building petroleum and electric charging retail and fleet facilities. Our diverse capabilities for planning and implementing all operational components cover building structures, storage tank equipment, dispensing systems, electric charging stations, and back-up power systems.

  • Combined knowledge of all current fueling and power sources
  • Facilities design and petroleum and electric charging infrastructure
  • ADA compliant, safe, and environmental regulatory assessments
  • Specifications to support on-site traffic forecasts
  • Fuel volume and electric capacity analysis

From the inside out, OWL expertise is unparalleled for designing retail and commercial facilities with petroleum and electric charging systems.

Engineering for petroleum fueling

When it comes to proper design of petroleum systems in convenience stores, gas stations, or fleet operators, we consider all aspects of the site, including building structures and the infrastructure required for storing and dispensing all petroleum products. This includes all network infrastructure, monitoring systems, signage, and fuel capacity needs.

  • Fueling system and infrastructure design
  • Tank storage specifications
  • Dispensing system calibration
  • Payment processing and monitoring systems
  • Safety and environmental factors

Our engineering teams provide assurance for protecting the integrity of fueling infrastructure and equipment. We are adept in all aspects of permitting, licensing, and regulatory matters, so your business can operate seamlessly with sound and safe fueling infrastructure.

Engineering for electric mobility

Our electrical engineering expertise ensures a sound electric mobility infrastructure. Using modern modeling technology, we develop a comprehensive roadmap for the electrical infrastructure and configuration of distribution systems, surveillance, and communication networks.  

We design for efficient installation of charging stations, battery storage systems, and other infrastructure to support electric vehicle charging. When the OWL team hands off engineering specifications to the construction teams, you can be sure of precise specifications, even for high demand electrical infrastructures and charging environments.

Reducing the environmental impact of all methods of transportation has become a priority.  This has resulted in petroleum-dependent businesses to include electric vehicle charging. OWL is ready to take you there.

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