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Confidence above and below ground

Comprehensive petroleum services

The OWL team is comprised of qualified construction, installation, and service technicians for integrated fueling systems. Our capabilities are grounded by unmatched experience with large retail stores and commercial fleets that encompass every aspect of below ground, above ground, and in-store operations. We engineer, build, and maintain liquid fuel handling solutions with an array of extensive services.

  • Petroleum equipment planning and infrastructure design
  • Fuel dispensing system installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Underground and above ground tank and pipe installation
  • Fuel canopy construction and repair
  • Fuel monitoring, calibration, and POS system integration
  • In-store technology installation and service
  • Petroleum quality control and EPA compliance
  • In-store equipment, lighting, and signage

OWL ensures the integrity of end-to-end fuel systems infrastructure, equipment, and technology. We are a results-focused team helping our customers maximize operating efficiency and profitability while mitigating risk.

OWL industry expertise

OWL brings extensive industry expertise in all phases of the fueling business.

  • Retail
  • Commercial and fleet
  • Aviation and marine
  • Emergency power

Quality service you can take to the tank

When it comes to protecting fuel tank storage equipment and monitoring systems, OWL has assembled the most comprehensive portfolio of services and the largest team of tank infrastructure, fuel storage, and compliance experts in the nation.

  • UST, AST, and DEF excavation, installation, and piping
  • Tank installation shoring, filtration, dewatering, and piping
  • Cleaning, remediation, and contamination and leak detection
  • Cathodic protection testing, repair, and installation
  • Tank, dispenser sump, and valve testing and repair
  • Fuel dispensing monitoring and calibration
  • “Tank Watch” compliance programs and tank monitoring
  • EPA approved testing and monitoring programs

OWL services has the people, equipment, and maintenance programs that allow retailer and fleet operators to manage their business without worry – and you can take that to the tank.

Compliance without compromise

The nation’s leader in compliance management, site inspection, testing, and managed services supported by advanced monitoring and analytic reporting tools.

Counter to nozzle, we keep it flowing smoothly

Petroleum business is often measured in tenths of a gallon because it all adds up to protecting every penny of profits. OWL is a partner with the leading dispensing technology, fuel tracking, and monitoring brands. 

  • Gas pump and fuel dispensing system repair and service
  • Hose, nozzle, breakaway, and filter maintenance
  • Mechanical line leak detection and impact valve testing
  • POS system, card reader, fuel monitoring integration, and service
  • PCI compliance checks and upgrades
  • HVAC/refrigeration
  • Dispenser Calibration

OWL protects your investments from the point fuel is dispensed to the point of sale.

Protect fueling operations with AccuMeasure

Accumeasure is a proprietary meter calibration solution to mitigate loss, reduce fuel shrink, and protect fueling profits. Collectively, our customers have saved millions of dollars per year by ensuring that the fuel dispensed matches the meter.

Ready to move with electrification

Electrification is here, and fueling operators are making the move to include electric chargers as another option to power a mobile world. 

OWL fuels America across the nation

OWL has designed, installed, and maintained all aspects of petroleum handling systems for some of the biggest names in the business.

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