wired for
electrical construction

From charging stations to commercial buildings

Seasoned commercial electrical contractors

OWL can plan and design complete electrical systems from commercial and retail building construction to front office integration and fueling systems. Our teams configure electrical distribution systems, electric fueling stations, and communication networks, including access control and back-up power systems.

  • Electrical system design and construction planning 
  • Electrical distribution and management 
  • Electric charging stations and alternative power sources 
  • Network infrastructure and information systems 
  • Access control, security, and detection systems
  • System schematics and CADD renderings 
  • Back-up, UPS, and generator solutions   

We take into consideration every detail for building electrical systems, sub-systems, and power management to ensure exceptional quality with every wire, every connection, and every termination.

Plugged-in to electric fueling 

Working closely with the OWL construction and electric charging infrastructure teams, we plan and install charging stations including design, permitting, and power grid integration. Our experience extends to convenience stores, commercial properties, charging hubs, and fleet operations. A team of certified electricians ensures proper installation to NEC code and on-going maintenance of charging station infrastructure and charging units.

  • Charging station design and electrical specification 
  • ADA compliance, permitting, installation, and quality assurance 
  • Panel configuration and power management 
  • Wiring, metering, and transformer connectivity
  • Monitoring and session reporting systems 
  • Inspections, upgrades, and maintenance 

If you’re ready to add electric charging to your fueling capability, team up with OWL for unparalleled electrical expertise. 

Certified Partner for leading charging stations

From concept to powering up the unit, we design, engineer, install, and maintain charging stations to provide best-in-class electric fueling solutions.

Keeping the lights on

The teams at OWL plan, configure, and install complete signage, interior and outdoor lighting to optimize energy consumption for lower long-term maintenance costs. OWL teams also possess LED expertise to improve efficiency and performance with alternate lighting solutions.

The certified electricians and lighting specialists at OWL will help you plan and maintain the appropriate lighting for new construction, retrofits, and upgrades.

In-check with permitting and
licensing requirements

The OWL teams are meticulous when it comes to meeting state and federal permitting requirements at all stages of a project, including all inspections and certification.

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