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Nationwide construction, fueling, and electrical permits

Paving the way for worry-free operations

The OWL teams manage all permitting for petroleum and electric charging services, including local, state, and federal requirements. OWL will shoulder the burden that often comes with permitting from construction and signage to EPA permits for petroleum operations and electric charging stations.

  1. Identification of all fueling, electric, and construction permit requirements
  2. Prepare and submit all applicable building, fuel, and electrical plans
  3. Prepare and manage all documentation and location-specific applications
  4. Schedule and manage all permitting inspections
  5. Answer and complete necessary corrections and obtain final approvals

We possess extensive experience for navigating the entire permitting process for every facet of petroleum and electric charging dependent businesses.

Manage all your permits with VAULT

Vault is a modular, cloud-based software platform designed to help you manage permitting and track scheduled inspections and compliance. All VAULT modules are fully customizable for more efficient and transparent operations.

Essential to convenience stores

Convenience stores and fueling operations require a portfolio of permits, especially when constructing or upfitting new facilities. Typically there are a variety of zoning, signage, and ADA permits that must be obtained in addition to meet all safety codes, local ordinances, and food and beverage licenses.

At OWL, we obtain all permits for fuel storage and disbursement for meeting all EPA regulatory requirements. Today, the added dimension to petroleum fueling operations is on-site EV charging stations, and that comes with its own set of required electrical standards.

OWL navigates and streamlines the permitting process, often resulting in expedited approvals, whether for a single location or locations across America.

The regulatory side of electric mobility

As electric mobility continues to gain share in the transportation industry, charging stations come with specific permitting and licensing requirements, from construction, electrical, and installation to those required for ongoing operations.

OWL combines the commercial electrical contracting and e-infrastructure expertise to secure all building, zoning, and electrical permits. We provide complete regulatory support guided by technicians with Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) certifications.

Keeping the fleet on the road

Fleet operators are subject to many of the same standards as retail fueling and charging operations when installing or maintaining underground or above ground fuel storage systems and electric vehicle charging capability. We assess all permitting requirements and manage the application and approval process to maximize safety and minimize operating risk.  

The OWL teams provide proactive service to meet all annual regulatory agency and OSHA inspections, critical for avoiding disruption to business operations. We remove the burden of meeting the standards set forth by regulatory agencies.


Grounded by unmatched electrical expertise

Convenience stores, fueling stations, and fleet operators require specialized elecrical expertise for building fueling centers and maintaining operations.

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