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Reliable compliance management and site inspection services

Tracking and reporting

OWL brings together a breadth of systems management and monitoring capabilities to track and report performance of in-store technology, IT networks, and petroleum and electric fueling operations. We seamlessly implement custom reporting solutions, whether a single location or thousands of locations nationwide. 

  • IT networks, security systems, and POS technology
  • Petroleum dispensing and electric fueling performance
  • Fleet fuel usage management and reporting
  • Equipment monitoring and failure notifications

Whether it’s our own propriety monitoring and reporting solution, third-party software, or custom-built dashboards and reporting, the team at OWL will ensure maximum uptime with minimal disruption to business operations.

On-demand storage tank data

OWL Services implements on-demand automated reporting tools to give you access to storage tank inventory, delivery, and compliance data, whether a single site or hundreds of sites nationwide. Our systems run on a private independent cellular network to ensure data security with no impact on PCI compliance, pulling real-time data from existing tank gauges. 

We poll data every hour for hundreds of sites at a time providing accurate, up-to-date tank storage data from every location from any web-enabled device. Manage user access with ease and know your data is safe and secure with up to three years of history available at your fingertips.

Measure electric fueling to the kilowatt-hour

As electrification continues to expand across the transportation industry, OWL is there every step of the way. As one of the most experienced e-infrastructure teams in the nation, we’re committed to maintaining environmentally safe and efficient electric fueling operations with comprehensive monitoring and reporting.

  • Kilowatt-hour per charging session and demand reporting
  • Electric consumption metering and data reporting
  • Charging station uptime and performance reporting
  • Consumption by Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) M&V guidelines
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual charging inspections
  • Hub, location, or enterprise-wide electric fueling dashboards

At OWL, our goal is to ensure best practices for electric fueling now and in the future, providing our customers with the data needed to maintain efficient operations.

Manage fleet performance with fuel management software

Our fleet fuel management solution allows fleet operators to manage fuel consumption for every vehicle in their fleet, whether heavy construction equipment, delivery vehicles, or single site fleet operations. Our fuel management software allows for tracking and reporting of fuel usage by vehicle, by site, and across the entire fleet enterprise with data accessible via a secure wireless network from anywhere at any time.

Optimize your fleet fuel consumption, and lower fueling costs with accurate usage data.

360˚ Fueling operations reporting

At OWL, we implement management and reporting systems that ensure operational integrity for petroleum and electric fueling, in-store technology, and IT network infrastructure. We help you identify critical points of failure to design automated reporting alerts to minimize downtime.

  • Tank leak monitoring, alerts, and reporting
  • Petroleum dispensing and electric station monitoring
  • IT network intrusion and performance monitoring
  • Software patch management, upgrades, and helpdesk support
  • Security, surveillance outages, and DVR
  • Point of sale and in-store technology reporting
  • Equipment failure monitoring
  • Automated maintenance alerts

Whether an extension of your team with remote monitoring services or customized reporting and automated alert systems, OWL’s goal is business continuity. Proactive reporting can translate to thousands of dollars of savings, especially with the OWL resolution team on-call.

Manage inspections and compliance

VAULT is a cloud-based management tool to help you manage permitting and track scheduled inspections and compliance. There are multiple modules to VAULT, so you can customize your experience around your business. VAULT makes your organization more efficient and transparent.

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