the power to build

bringing fueling and charging centers to life

Full-scope construction services

OWL provides full scope of general and electrical contracting services with in-depth resources for retail and commercial businesses who rely on petroleum and electric fuel as a mission-critical component of everyday operations.

  • Design, engineering and project management
  • Petroleum system and electric charging design and installation
  • Facilities construction including electrical and technology systems
  • Excavation and UST and AST installation and permitting
  • Installation of fuel canopies, lighting and all site signage
  • Dispenser communications, sales and monitoring systems
  • Dispensing and electrical equipment installation

As some of the most knowledgeable and trusted professionals in their respective specialties, our team is committed to delivering your project on-time and on-budget. At every stage of a project – from planning and engineering to construction and equipment installation – every detail is considered to ensure flawless delivery with exceptional quality.

The OWL design process moves you to your destination

As consumer and commercial transportation continues to evolve, our feet are firmly planted in a world that includes both petroleum and electric charging technology, infrastructure, and maintenance services.

Retail fuel and fleet construction specialists

General contracting experience for retail, fueling, and fleet centers from site preparation to tank installation and construction.

Grounded by electrical expertise

A proven electrical contractor that makes the perfect connections for petroleum and charging station facilities.

Engineering services down to the last detail

Structural, mechanical, electrical engineering specialists with the unique skill to take your project from concept to reality.

In-check with regulatory agencies

OWL maintains relationships with all local, state, and federal AHJ's to manage all permitting and licensing requirements.

Expert petroleum equipment installation

Installation and removal services for UST/AST tanks and piping and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and dispensing systems.

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