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Protect profitability and operational integrity

At OWL, our teams work with a high sense of urgency when it comes to assuring high-performance and consistent reliability of fueling and electric charging systems and equipment. Vital to environmental safety and to protect profitability, OWL compliance services are designed to provide our customers with the nation’s most comprehensive compliance management and site inspection services. The combined expertise and technical capabilities of OWL compliance and inspection is unmatched in the industry with the most advanced tools for results, analysis, and reporting.

  • AST and UST testing, maintenance, and compliance
  • EPA, state and local regulatory inspections and testing
  • Component repair and replacement
  • Fuel dispensing calibration and electrical optimization
  • Hazardous material detection and remediation
  • Fuel quality testing, cleaning, and restoration
  • Preventative maintenance, monitoring and reporting

Collectively, the teams at OWL have earned a superior reputation for their compliance, fueling, and electrical knowledge and expertise. We have a deep bench of compliance service technicians, factory certified technicians and construction and repair specialist for all of the most widely used tank equipment, fueling systems and charging stations.

OWL industry expertise

OWL brings extensive industry expertise in all phases of the petroleum and electric charging business.

– Convenience Stores
– Fleet operators
– Commercial buildings
– Industrial operations
– Hospitality

Preserve profits and reduce fuel shrink with AccuMeasure

AccuMeasure is a meter calibration solution that is a closed loop automated prover system to ensure flow meter accuracy and compliance to industry standards. The prover is precisely measured by a NIST traceable metrology lab to 1/100000 of a gallon, allowing incredible accuracy in testing, as well as recalibration that approaches true zero.

  • Minimize vapor loss during proving
  • Eliminate potential human error with traditional proving systems
  • Mitigate effects from temperature changes
  • Ensure precise meniscus readings, flow rates and leveling
  • Avoid costly fines, penalties, and loss of reputation

Whether a single site operation or thousands of nationwide locations, AccuMeasure is the answer for avoiding unnecessary fuel loss and shorting with weights and measure tolerances that exceed industry standards. Over time, AccuMeasure can be the difference in millions of dollars in savings.

Manage inspections and compliance with VAULT

VAULT is an online management tool to help you manage permitting and track scheduled inspections and compliance.  There are multiple modules to VAULT so you can customize your experience around your business.  VAULT makes your organization more efficient and transparent.

Electrical fueling inspections service

As weights and measure for electrical fueling is currently evolving, OWL’s experience planning, installing and maintaining electric charging infrastructure and stations since inception is invaluable to our customers.  The inherent knowledge of electrical construction and engineering combined with electric charging expertise keeps OWL customers consistently charging.  We provide:

  1. Regular charging station pass/fail electrical inspections
  2. Compliance testing with operational, electrical and government regulations
  3. Electrical uptime and performance tracking
  4. Business intelligence charging session reporting
  5. Scheduled preventative maintenance

Focus on an electric charging maintenance and management programs ensures uptime and will maximize customer satisfaction with a consistently high-performing charging experience.


Comprehensive inspection services

OWL has a national team of certified technicians who can perform all regulatory and environmental site and equipment inspections and provide all necessary repair and remediation services.

Automatic tank gauge certification and repair

Inspection and certification of ATG system components and accuracy proper function of leak sensors.

Cathodic protection (CP) testing

Ensure corrosion free underground steel components and compliance with all EPA standards and state and local authorities with full documentation and rectifier verification.

Containment testing and repair

Containment system verification, hydrostatic and vacuum testing, and tank repair including under dispenser containment sumps (UDC), tank sumps and overfill containment buckets (Spill Bucket)

Tank, line, and leak detector testing

Tank and line tightness testing using EZY-3 locator plus (non-volumetric underfill tank tightness test), petro-tite (volumetric overfill test) and precision line tightness tests and certified to test steel, fiberglass and flexible piping systems.

Vapor recovery testing

Stage I & II pressure decay (NESHAP Requirements), dynamic pressure, liquid blockage, pressure vacuum vent valve and flow rate testing.  Liquid removal services and manage decommissioning of vapor systems with Knowledge of Balance, Vac-Assist, Healy and most vapor recovery systems.

Federal, state and local inspections

OWL teams maintain intimate knowledge of all required federal, state and local inspections, to meet requirements set forth by any regulatory agency. We can also provide asset tagging, in-store, site condition and routine maintenance inspections.

Arial Inspections and site mapping

Unmatched digital photography, video, storage and viewing capabilities for rooftops, canopies, tank fields, parking lots, station egress, and any site areas.

Tank cleaning, leak monitoring and fuel quality

In accordance with EPA UST regulations, rely on the OWL team to ensure the quality of fuel and avoid leak and contamination issues. We offer a best-in-class, patented process for restoring fuel quality and remediating phase separation.

  • Tank cleaning/replacement and fuel polishing
  • EPA certified DPleak® (Deferential Pressure Technology) testing
  • EPA statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR) for leak detection
  • Leighton O’Brien’s patented fuel cleaning technology provider
  • Spill containers and overfill prevention devices
  • Under Dispenser and Containment Sumps
  • Restore and recondition degraded diesel fuel
  • Filter replacement programs
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